The importance of website uptime monitoring

The uptime or availability of a website is a critical part of a business, especially in today’s economy when digital transformation is happening all around us. Of course one can’t monitor a website all the time, especially if there are multiple ones to look at.

Having an IT department doing 24/7 shifts to do the job is an option as well, but a costly one and none effective one, that’s why software assistance in 2020 is a must. A website can go down for various reasons, which might include issues with updates, problems with the hosting provider, DDoS attack, etc. We like other website owners or developers or administrators face similar challenges.

However while looking at the available tools in the market that one can use for uptime monitoring, we didn’t find fit. One was sending false positives just for the sake of user engagement, another one didn’t manage to catch downtime on time causing us money loss. Or another was somewhat good but limited in integrations, and the dashboard was very ugly.

The solution – Webeye

That’s why we decided to create our own web tracking tool and customized it for our needs but also for the needs of everyone else out there that faces similar challenges. Webeye, is an uptime monitoring service, that is super fast and effective, in tracking and monitoring website performances at one-minute intervals from multiple locations and sends instant alerts when downtime occurs. But not only when downtime occurs. Webeye also tracks anomalies, unauthorized access errors, Cloudflare Alerts, and other changes on your website, API, or other web-based product.

Webeye Mobile App – Available for free on iOS and Android.

Users get instant alerts via Email, Slack, Telegram, or through a dedicated mobile app on Android and can act immediately, thus saving money from potential downtime.

According to Gartner, the average cost of IT downtime is $5,600 per minute. Because there are so many differences in how businesses operate, downtime, at the low end, can be as much as $140,000 per hour – $300,000 per hour on average. While total annual lost revenue due to downtime is estimated at around 26.5 billion dollars!

Webeye is built as a solution to help reduce those costs and automate tracking in order to understand failure issues related to design, hosting, functionality, updates, etc. On top of everything, Webeye aims also to support tech teams & IT teams around the world, by lowering their lost time on recovery from incidents by 50%. And yes it has a modern and clean design, following the latest trends, so that even those administrative and technical data can look good when you analyze them. The same, clean design has been applied to the mobile app as well. And yes, dark mode is also supported by Webeye.

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The importance of website uptime monitoring

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